Wills & Estates .

Your Will is often one of the most important documents that you can ever do. It is vital to get it right – you may not get a second chance. We offer one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to obtain a Will. We can assist you with:

• Drafting & updating wills
• Applying for Probate
• Assistance with claims against wills & estates
• Deceased estate claims / defending deceased estates
• Estate planning administration
• Letters of Administration (in the event that a will is deemed invalid or if there is no Will)
• Supreme Court estate litigation
• Assistance with the Testators Family Maintenance Act matters
• Powers of Attorney and Guardianship Act matters

If a valid will has not been left, we can assist you with applying for Letters of Administration to the Supreme Court of Tasmania. There is legislation that details how an estate may be distributed and who by. It is important to get good and supportive advice and we can provide it to you.

We can help you apply to the Supreme Court of Tasmania for Probate in instances where there is a valid will and you have been nominated as Executor of that will. The Supreme Court can then grant probate which authorises you to distribute the deceased estate in accordance with the provisions of the will.